With a bright, colorful oil palette and a hyper-realistic style, Luis Felipe mainly depicts expression-full portraits, decontextualized human parts, daily-life scenes, details and analogies that otherwise would go unnoticed, in an attempt to express his almost obsessive fascination with human interaction and transculturalism. Some of the main concerns in his work are the values of the 21st Century’s global youth, the beauty of the quotidian, actual social tensions and the complicated dynamics of a globalized world —which he takes over with sarcasm, black humor, original metaphors and critique.

For him art is the only way to achieve a deeper understanding of the human condition and profoundly believes in its catalytic, associative and redeeming power, both personally and socially.

Urdapilleta lives in Berlin since 2011, where he produces most of his pieces.

Artist Luis Felipe Urdapilleta in Berlin